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Два чёрных члена для дурёх (2016/FullHD)

Два чёрных члена для дурёх (2016/FullHD)

Шалавы решили попробывать групповуху с двумя большими членами
Jason and Isiah are celebrating Rob’s success in the recording studio. Isiah has arranged for two beautiful girls to star in Rob’s latest music video and they are right there at his apartment to show him they are more than ready for the job. Elsa and Zoey are two stunningly beautiful blonde babes. Both dressed in sexy outfits and ready to impress. They caress Jason, enticing him with their suggestive ways. They want him so bad, and its not long before his pulse is racing. When Isiah is asked if he would like to join them, he doesn’t need asking twice. This leads to this foursome revelling in one of the sexiest experiences they are every likely to hope for

Формат, расширения|Format: MP4
Объем|Size: 3,17 GB
Количество точек|Resolution: 1920x1080
Тип видео|Video: 12291 Kb/sec
Звук|Audio: 128 Kb/sec; 44 KHz
Длительность|Duration: 00:34:16
Создан|Year: 2016
Вид жанра|Tags: All Sex, Oral, Anal, Group, Hardcore, Deep Throat, Cum Swap, Squirting, IR, Big Dick, Blond, Teens



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Два чёрных члена для дурёх (2016/FullHD)Два чёрных члена для дурёх (2016/FullHD)